Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Top Fat Loss Programs

The best weight loss program is NOT about diets, diet pills, fad diets, or even dieting. It is NOT about joining a cult, avoiding friends, alienating your family, eating only disgusting, unappealing and unappetizing foods or feeling guilty and depressed. Most of all, it should NEVER be about BEING ALONE in your struggle. 14

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a revolutionary new diet plan that uses calorie cycling to force your metabolism to burn your fat stores more quickly and efficiently. The system is aimed at changing the types of calories you eat every day so that your metabolism doesn't fall into a pattern. Keeping your metabolism going is one of the absolute best ways to lose fat. 7

Imagine eating more than three times a day, choosing from a variety of foods, and losing weight at the same time! You won't have to do away with carbs like Atkins calls for, or only eat certain types of foods. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is focused on change and variety. 7

This fat loss program is also focused on kick-starting your metabolism by increasing how often you eat. It sounds counterproductive, but in fact this is exactly the right way to go about your eating habits. If you wait too long between meals you get hungrier, AND your metabolism begins to conserve energy because it senses that you might not eat for a while. By eating more often you keep your metabolism burning food at high capacity all day! The best part is that you won't be starving! 7

Check out the Fat Loss 4 Idiots website to get even more information about what their program provides. If you want results, Fat Loss 4 Idiots could be your key to finally reaching your goal of losing weight! 7

These are very basic guidelines to follow. Fat Loss 4 Idiots makes it easy for you by helping you build a diet plan for the 11 day cycle. 8

Everything that has to do with helping you to lose fat will be posted here. Free fat loss articles, supplement reviews, diet reviews and weight loss program reviews here will help you get on the right track in getting the dream body that you wanted! 5

A little less fat in the diet cuts total caloric consumption considerably. The second best way to reduce calories consumed is to eat smaller portions of food. For best results, use a combination of smaller portions and reduced fat foods. There are 3500 calories stored in a pound of fat. In order to lose a pound of fat, one must eat 3500 fewer calories than their body uses. 3

Weight training incorporating the major muscle groups tends to burn more calories than aerobic exercise when done for equal periods of time. Not only does weight training burn a large number of calories in the gym, but the increased muscle tone and hypertrophy (size) that results from training of this type raises the basil metabolic rate considerably. 3